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In Memory of Jodi James ~ Who Unclipped Wings is Dedicated to and Why

People have been asking me: who is Jodi James? And why did you dedicate your book to her?  Next week April 20th, 2011 there is a book signing at Purdue North Central in her honor from 11am – 2pm.  I thought it would be appropriate to take a moment to answer that question. The picture below is of Jodi and I at the beach on my birthday.  It was one of the best days of my life.  Below this intro is something I wrote on the day Jodi died. This blog post is going tobe a bit long but I am not apologizing. Jodi would not.

Jodi and Ramona at the Beach

This is a picture of Jodi and Ramona at the beach. Both women are in their wheelchairs.

Long Live Jodi James the woman who always had my back, and still does.  A woman I trusted completely.  I have been forever changed by both her life and her death.

She was only 38 when she was killed in a car accident.  She died the day after we last talked, and a week before we were going to get together to celebrate our birthdays and the fact that we had both survived another year.  We were supposed to go to the aquarium in Chicago, but instead I went to her funeral wearing an ADAPT shirt, just like I promised her I would – the day I promised her I would not let her die in a nursing home.  I kept that promise.  I just wish she had made me work harder to keep it.  We both thought we had more time.

She did not die in a nursing home, but instead while doing the thing she loved most – driving.  I understand her love for driving because it is something we both shared.  She loved the freedom of it, and she loved the fact that when she was behind the wheel nobody saw her chair or her disability. She was just like everyone else on the road.


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Overcoming the Crises in Japan – Keep Strong

The world’s eyes are on Japan right now.  Many are holding their breath waiting to see how bad the crisis and damage will be.  The earthquake and tsunami were quick.  Millions of lives were changed in an instant.  Thousands died and those who survived will never be the same.  There are no quick or easy fixes for those who have lost loved ones and their homes. Right now, as I write this, people are struggling to survive.

We are still waiting to see what will happen at a damaged nuclear power plant.  Nobody knows for sure what is going to happen or what the long term impact will be.  For good reasons people have significant health concerns and are afraid. It is going to take a long time to pick up the pieces of this tragedy.

Times like these remind us how fragile and valuable our lives are.  Many people are scared.  Some may feel helpless and powerless, but do not become hopeless.  Focus on what needs to be done today in order to minimize damage and danger.  Recovery will not be easy but stay focused and begin the slow process of recovery and healing one step at a time.

If you have read “Unclipped Wings”,  you know that I do understand that it is not easy to pick up the pieces when “life takes us to where we don’t belong”.  But sometimes life doesn’t give us much choice.  Nobody said life was fair or easy.  It may be scary, but resist the urge to give up.  We can never be sure what will happen – or what will rise up out of the ashes.

For me it was “Unclipped Wings”.  My heart goes out to the survivors and everyone touched by this tragedy.  May you receive what you need – when you need it, so you can recover and heal.   May you overcome and find yourselves soaring on “Unclipped Wings”.

My thanks also goes out to all the “unnamed heroes” who have, are, and will step up to the plate.  I may not know your name, but I value what you do to make our world a better place.

Ramona Harvey

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