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The Courage to Act, Even If “They Won’t”

“They Won’t” is one of the poems in “Unclipped Wings”.   It has been on my mind a lot this past week. Some people have theme songs, this week I had a theme poem.  This is not surprising given the close relationship between music and poetry, but I am struck by how often I have been reminded of this poem.

The poem begins: “Nobody else does it – so I won’t

That is how we get to the place that we don’t

If you have been following “Unclipped Wings” on Facebook you may have noticed, some posts about people who have not been deterred by the seemingly impossible.  Often, we get overwhelmed. We think a problem is too big and we are too small.  Yet, over and over this week, I am reminded that our actions do matter.  We can make a difference as individuals, especially when we are working together.

Troy Yocum could be at home watching TV and wishing he could do something to help needy military families, but he isn’t.  Instead, he is a on a 7000 mile drumhike.  He is hiking across country to raise awareness and money in order to help needy veterans.  Will he reach all of his goals? I don’t know. I do know he got my attention and has already been able to help several people.  That counts for something.

But the small stuff is important too.  A twelve year old boy named Max, who has terminal cancer, made a wish that he would receive 1 million get well cards.  Now people from all over (including me), are sending him the cards he wished for.  Whether or not Max receives a million cards, the cards being sent make a difference. It is neat so many people are willing to send a card, but the coolest thing is how this twelve year old boy has touch the lives of so many – just by not being afraid to have and share what many would consider an impossible dream.

So, “why continue to care if others just don’t?  Except that we need to.”



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