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Author of "Unclipped Wings"

Between Two Worlds

Here’s a little background on “Unclipped Wings” and one of the poems in it, titled “Between Worlds.”

“Unclipped Wings” penetrates the consciousness of our society.  “Unclipped Wings” as a collection of poems enlightens, and forces us to be more aware and to acknowledge both our differences as well as the similarities we share with the people we encounter on a daily basis.

“Between Worlds” is a prime example.  Although the poem focuses on Ms. Harvey’s disability, the message is much more.  It parallels the issues and events that we feel and see when we are on the outside looking in.  Many of us at times can relate to standing on a line between worlds, where we do not feel we belong.

This poem highlights a basic struggle we all have when we are trying to figure out who we are, and where we might fit in. This is a common struggle because we often don’t quite fit the cookie-cutter mold of whatever society expects of us.  This can happen to minorities who are struggling to maintain their cultural identities, and fit into a popular culture that does not recognize their personal heritage, or even women who are trying to balance their traditional roles with their more modern career driven ones.

But it doesn’t stop there. Low-income people striving to sustain the status quo, might feel stuck between two worlds as they work towards what they hope will be a better tomorrow.  Still there are other people who are marginalized like the homeless, or orphans, who might literally find themselves “looking in windows but never getting in,” as Ramona found herself doing when she tried to figure out where exactly she belonged.

The realization that everyone, regardless of who they are, has desires and basic needs like love and to be connected to other people is  captured in many of the poems found in “Unclipped Wings.”  This book illustrates that everyone has obstacles and anyone can overcome whatever barriers they face.  This book of poetry is easy to read and something that everyone can relate to, and feel good about after having read it.

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